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Enom Dynamic DNS Update Script

I spent an entire day Googling for simple solutions to get my 'Nix box to update my Enom Dynamic DNS. Enom does offer free Dynamic DNS for your Enom registered domain name. But the Enom Dynamic DNS documentation provided to help you actually use the service is woefully inadequate.

There are a few scripts listed for Windows (none of which I've tried since I don't personally use Windows), none at all for Mac (really?), and two for Unix. Of those, I wasn't able to get either one working and was generally irritated with how much effort and time the whole process was taking. I mean, how hard could it be? We need a simple script to check your current IP address and send some http get variables to Enom, right? So I cobbled together a quick Python script to do that and in my experience so far, it seems to work perfectly.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk! This script may delete all your data, kill your houseplants, and set fire to your grandmother. I take no responsibity and make no guarantees.

How To Use

Set your values at the top (there are only four of 'em), add an entry for the script to your crontab and that's it. The first time the script runs, it will check your current ip address, update your dynamic DNS host record at Enom, and then save your IP address to a text file. Each subsequent time it runs (recommended every 5 minutes), it will compare your current IP to the one last saved in the text file. This way, we only update your Enom record in the event that the IP address has actually changed.

To get started, simply copy the script below into a text file on your 'nix box (by the way, this works on Mac OS X too), set your config settings at the top, and add a cron entry. Happy dynamic DNS updating!

The Script

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